Written in Color And Contrast

Smooth Contrasts

Through the Golden gate

Through the Golden Sate On The Last Day of December

The golden orange and yellow sun is a wonderful promise of hope
as the cool blue violet sky and water then the final rays of the day climb up on to the land
Theo place a warming hand on the fast cooling sand.



Just loved the arrow shape of the headlight but didn’t think too much about how the colors worked in the photo. But the icy blue against the hot, hot red make the headlight stand out even more. On a cool green or gray car I might not have even noticed this breathtaking design.

Green Marble

Green Marble Hipstamatic Photo

What do you see when you look into green, green orb?
Then look closely there is a warm shadow below and
the forged  black metal glows a hot violent violet from the fire that created it.
Framed by gold the eye is held in place
go back to the center
there to receive the message meant only for you.

Indigo And Cobalt Hair clip

Huichal indigo hair clip on Navajo Rug

Smooth blue violet beads and coarse burnt sienna orange wool
while the beads reflect the yarn absorbs
what would one be with out the other?

As I chose these photo for Cee’s Fun Foto Smooth Challenge I received her Color Challenge. I haven’t been writing very much so I took it upon myself to use this opportunity to open that creative door in myself again. Enjoy.

 Reminder for Cee’s Compose Yourself: #16 Color Basics

 Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That are Smooth

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