Oddball Basketball Photos

The Most Ridiculous Game Ever

Even the Mothership Came Down to watch the Game

Even the Mothership Came Down to Watch

We ran out to the local diner that had a TV to keep up our strength while watching Oakland Warriors play Oklahoma City, I captured some of the drama with my iPhone set on Hipstamatic App for a extra magic. Hope you enjoy.

Watching the Game

Cook Watching the Game

For those not in the know, or from another planet The Warriors are breaking and  setting basketball records all over the place. They won this game by 3 points and were only ahead for 29 seconds the whole game. Stephan Curry shot the game winning a 3 pointer with only .7  seconds left. We are so excited because it is our down home local team. This extraordinary athlete came out to support an Oakland Schools

Stephan Curry With Natalie and friends

Stephan Curry with our friend Natalie from her Facebook page

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 9

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