Coloring My World With Marshmallow Peeps

Peep! Peep! Peep!



I posted yellow Peeps a while back. Now just in time for Easter I’m sharing this color of Peeps. For those out of  the USA Peeps are marshmallow Easter Treats that come in a wide variety of colors and critters such as Purple Bunnies Peeps. To prove they are edible I ate one last week.FullSizeRender




Color Your World A Hot Hot Pink! I’ve mixed up Razzle and the Razzmatazz Crayola colors But tomorrow I know is RED! A color I’ve really been looking forward to for  the CYW Challengebadge

14 thoughts on “Coloring My World With Marshmallow Peeps

  1. I think they are tasty and pretty – the peeps I mean. One year I entered an edible book contest and used peeps and fruit leather and coconut to create candy sushi. I was depicting the book, How to wrap five eggs.


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