Color Your World Red Violet

Color Your World Red Violet

Window in At Keeya's Garden

Selfie in  Keeya’s Garden Art Studio Window

I have posted a number of photos from Keeyla’s  Garden go Here to see more of her garden art

Red Bud Bud

Redbud Bud

My redbud is already finished blooming, but I know some haven’t even started in the rest of the country, I’d love to hear about yours.  May this Easter Week and first week of Spring  bring you warmth and renewal.


11 thoughts on “Color Your World Red Violet

  1. The redbuds in southeastern Oklahoma have bloomed and are now almost green. Our redbuds in northcentral Oklahoma are now in full bloom. The blossoms of the redbud are really beautiful. It’s a shame they don’t bloom longer. You do remember that the Redbud is Oklahoma’s state tree don’t you??



    • I do remember redbuds are The Oklahoma state tree. That’s why I planted one in my yard.It’s right outside my kitchen window. I don’t need a bird feeder because so many birds are attracted to it.
      Happy Easter.


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