Hugh’s Weekly Challenge Minding the Gap

Useful Gaps

Succulent Gap

Succulent Gap

The local nursery sells this and I always think what an easy protect? At least this year I took the picture as an example and a fitting image for Hugh Weekly Photo Challenge the Gap

Let me know if any of you make one. I’ve got the succulents if you need any.

Or you can just peek through the fence to see what the neighbor is up to.

Fence Gap


13 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Challenge Minding the Gap

  1. We have lots of the same in our garden centres here in the UK, Carol. They can be very expensive, so make one up yourself and you’ll save quite a bit of money to spend on more even more plants 😀 (well, that’s what my partner does).

    So, what was going on at the neighbours? 😀


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