Two Views Of Solitude

Solitude In Nature

At Grizzly Peak

At Grizzly Peak

She hurried on ahead to look out over the city. Only a little way from us who had ridden in the car with her.She was claiming a moment of solitude for her self . .

Solitude In the City

In The Cross Walk

In The Cross Walk

The difference between alone and  isolated and solitude and hidden has fascinated me. I, the photographer, am hidden in plain sight. The man on the phone has he isolated himself?  The woman with the dog, is she just alone or has she taken this moment in the cross walk, in San Francisco to go within and reflect or is she just watching her step on uneven pavement?
Love to hear what you think.

for Hugh’s Views and News Weekly Challenge Solitude  My last weeks sneaky  entry on The Gap was showcased  on Hugh’s Views.


9 thoughts on “Two Views Of Solitude

  1. The first photo, to me, is solitude. The next photo, the lady walking the dog is semi-solitude. I’m sure it is relaxing to her and the dog is having a good time. lol
    Great shots Carol.



  2. Your first photo is beautiful. In the second, that lady seems lost in her thoughts. Both photos potentially have stories to tell!


  3. Both photos are good and tell a story. How we view and think of solitude determines how we feel. If it is our choice or if it is imposed –
    The increasing use of mobile phones has meant a self imposed face to face kind of solitude whilst still feeling connected in the virtual world. Is it posdible to live completely in a virtual sense and not feel loneliness? I don’t think so Carol, do you?


  4. I think we all have those moments that the dog-walker is having. Often, I find myself miles away even though all around me there is noise and life is in full swing.

    Great entries for this week’s challenge, Carol. Thanks for joining me again.


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