Hugh’s Weekly Challenge: Vintage Things That Tell Stories

Which Brings back a memoryfor you?

1600 MGA

MGA 1600

This Really Cool car is find from the parking lot of our accountant. A treat for paying early, perhaps?

Curly Top

Curly Top

I remember cabinets full of sparkling blue antique glass at Grandmother’s house. The Shirley Temple pitcher is what came down to me.

The Area Code is even Vintage

The Area Code is even Vintage

We had a phone like this  for a long time in the 1950′ until we got a princess phone in the ’60s

Love to hear what memories are awakened by these pictures. There are more interesting Vintage go to  Hugh’s Views And News Weekly Challenge

7 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Challenge: Vintage Things That Tell Stories

  1. The phone brings back memories. As a child we had the old phone where the operator had to get your number. Our number on that was 393. Then along came dial phones. Our number changed to 5216, and then later on, RO 5-5216. Then as time went on it was listed as 765-5216. Now phones are slowly disappearing because of cell phones. Gee



    • Our number started out 3021 then they added 5, then Roger which was 76 so it finally was 765-3021? Yes that’s right RO Roghers
      Some old lady always miss dialed and called our house night and day. I think my mom made friends with her.Maybe she was calling Mrs. Rogers I think


  2. definitely the MGA for me. Altho my grandfather had a phone like that when we got to Canada from France where the only phone in the town was in the pharmacy. So if someone did call you, they would send someone to your house to get you!

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    • I remember having to call my grandmothers neighbors to talk to her like you said. Good Story. did you have Party lines where you could listen in to other peoples calls. Now we just all talk in public.


  3. I love the old phone, Carol. I hear they are making a comeback. I do hope so. I even have the old style ringtone they made for the ringtone on my Mobile phone. Trouble is, so do many other people which means when it rings, lots of other people think it’s their mobile phone that is ringing.


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