Sally D’s Smart Device Challenge Nature of Winter Trees

Oak trees behind our motor court next to the Napa River after a week of flooding

Oaks in the fog

Oaks in the fog Pixlr Edit

Fog and Flood
The rains have beaten every leaf from every trees
The ground, the river, the stream,
can no longer hold the water
The air takes what it can until the sun
agrees to show his face long enough
to give respite to these weary vessels
the trees the ground the river the stream sigh.

The Flood Pixlar edit of Winter trees,

The Flood Pixlar edit of Winter trees,

I added this after I saw Sally D’s Black and white nature photo

Two Oaks

Three Oaks native camera

I was totally fascinated by how absolutely bare the trees we saw on our weekend trip to Napa County, Maybe further south here in Albany we have few desirous trees and I have been away from real winter for so long I forgot what it looked like. But there was not a singly leaf on any tree  They were skeletons, armatures, disassembled bodies telling the story of drought followed by flood.  Symbols of loss, sadness, or strength perhaps in the face of a powerful destructive force.

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