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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Second place in photography and first place in life with a great family

Second place in photography and first place in life with a great family

Rewarded with a blooming Iris only after a 2 year wait

Rewarded with a blooming Iris only after a 2 year wait

Reward of my students great work after 8 week class of iPhotography

Reward of great work by my students after 8 week class of iPhotography. Photo by Lee Williams

This weeks challenge Reward is open to a lot of possibilities this is just a few.

How has life rewarded you?


One Word Challenge: Bittersweet

Bittersweet Sunset

Bittersweet Sunset

Joseph's Coat Rose

Joseph’s Coat Rose bloomed today.

It is a bittersweet that my rose is blooming now. Undoubtably because of warm dry weather. The draught. It is too soon. By May they will all be gone and what will the May Queen wear in her hair?

One word challenge Bittersweet


Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Town or Country? Old or New?


San Francisco’s Castro District’s new rainbow crosswalks.



Tilden Parks WPA stone terraced path at Native Plant Garden.

Old or new, town or country, curved or straight: these paths lead somewhere interesting. Which one would you prefer?

Cee’s Which Way Challenge



Phoneography Choice Challenge: Nature and People


1-Elderberry iPhone 5s

Sword fern

2-Sword fern iPhone 5s

Patrick on base

3-Patrick on on the Gibson iPhone 5s

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge was to create a  bokeh using rule of thirds, with it I finally was able to capture an images of the tiny elderberry florets that had often eluded me for years.  I went on to try out the technique  on a flaming sword fern on a hillside and my friend Patrick playing guitar in the late afternoon sun.

To Create a bokeh:For those of you shooting with a smartphone camera, you too can achieve a bokeh effect by bringing your phone close to your subject and selecting where you want your camera to focus. Simply compose your image in your screen, and tap your focal point.  You should see your camera autofocus on that area, and the background will fall into a blur. If it doesn’t focus, you’re a little too close. Hold your phone steady, and snap! Because of the nature of phone cameras, it won’t be as creamy of a

bokeh as you would get with a traditional camera, but it will still add depth to your image.

Part II

I used “wait for me” image in my class to demonstrate the how editing can change an image. A little girl catching up to her mom goes from a charming scene to something else with just a small amount of editing.

Wait for me 1

1-Wait for me iPad Air 2

2- Wait for me iPad Air 2

2- Wait for me iPad Air 2 Snapseed editing

Love hear what you think.

For more about Phoneography visit Sally’s Lens and Pens

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Three Odd Statues for Cee’s Oddball Challenge #8

Daughter and Goats

Daughter and 3 Goats For Chinese Year of The Ram Starting this week.

Hang in There

Hang in There

At The Royal Cafe I’ve tried many different angles to get a good image of these odd Trapeze artist.

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

Really Good Cab Lunch on Fisherman’s Wharf, with butter running down to your elbows.

See Cee’s Od Ball Challenge for more Odd Images and a More about Chinese New Year.


022714 Odd Ball


Weekly Photo Challenge: Three for the Rule of Thirds

Green Orchid

Green Orchid

On the rock

On the rock

Gung Hey Fat Choy

Gung Hey Fat Choy

Shamelessly edited to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year !

For Weekly Photo Challenge Rule of Thirds

Which images works best as an example of law of thirds for you?

Which Way Challenge: Time to Circle the Wagons for Spring




The path to Flowerland is alway my favorite direction to go.

My garden is far from ready for new plants so I came home empty-handed from this visit, well except for these pictures. Enjoy!



Cee’s Which Way Challenge # 7


043014 which way

Phoneography: How Black and White Saves the Day

Ribbon of light

Ribbon of light

I took my Smart Phone Class to Tilden Native Plant Garden last week in the early afternoon. I knew It would not be optional light for photography but we had to work within our scheduled class time. Each student, at one time or another, came to ask me what to do because it was too bright to see to take the picture. My answer “was take it anyway!” the good thing about smart phone cameras is you don’t have to make any adjustments so you can just shoot toward what interests you.. I know we all wanted to get the bit of water in the stream, this is my shot from the bridge.I wanted the swirling water. It will be interesting to see how they solved this problem.

Drawing in the light

Drawing in the light

Black or white tells a dramatic story for both of these images, I do believe it saves the day when shooting blindly into the light.
What are your thoughts?

I recently finished the 5 Day Black and White Challenge go here to see all five of my images. Love to hear what you think.

Sally’s Lens and Pens

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