Poetry Day 6 Outside My Kitchen Window


My kitchen window

My kitchen window

Leaf hearts shape

yellow house shutters blue

quince undersided

pinks then swims coral then salmon

bumbled bee’zes barrow

a cup of yellow from across the fences

wailing fire truck reds

April birds mocking gossip

tune branching branches

scratching scratches

begging enter through

my kitchen windows.

Carol Carlisle 4/6/14

Dear Napowrimo I took this panorama  of my kitchen on a particularly lovely morning thinking it would be good for something but never a poem.  How nice to find a home for it. I humbly ask for patience with verbing modifiers and nouning verbs, oh and  the creative spelling. Hope you’re not head scratching too much. Let me know if sense this makes.

Happy writing everyone!

Nurturing Thursday: Dance With Spring

Fence and quince

Fence and quince

After winter the fence still stands

branches wake up

swell then explode coral songs

all over the moss stained slats

grateful for the steadfast support

the dance of spring


Carol Carlisle

One thing I’ve learned from Nurturing Thursday is to take care of myself so today I’m recycling this post from Tuesday’s Daily Post Stedfast.

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Happy Thursday

Phoneography: Macro Nature Images and Opinion

Sally Donatello’s, creator of Lens and Pens, search for a new name for Non Traditional photography got me to thinking should Non SLR be included. So I did my own experiment.  I took pictures of our quince with both my iPhone and my digital camera. These two photos are the results.They both have been cropped. The one on the left was taken with the iPhone the right is from my digital point and shoot. Click on them to see them full size.

The images don’t tell the whole story however, because I can make almost as many adjustments with the point and shoot as I could with my SLR. It seems to me the challenge is lost using a point and shoot with 16 mega pixels and 15X zoom. I also became aware I spend more time looking with my phone and less time adjusting, maybe I didn’t capture pollen on petals but I created more images. It is a totally different experience shooting with a phone, tactile and immediate, and more inmate . My header and background photos was taken with my iPhone.

Another thing I aways have my phone with, that’s why on my way home from the store Saturday I stopped by Strawberry Creek to look for willow catkins. Here are a few images:

willow catkin-iphone photo edited and cropped in phototoaster

willow catkin-iphone photo edited and cropped in phototoaster

This is suppose to be a macro challenge but this as close as I could get without falling in the stream. While I’m at it here’s the Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek

Horsetail husk shoot with iPhone no enhancement

Horsetail husk shoot with iPhone no enhancement

Horsetail up close

Horsetail up close

Which photo do you prefer?

and any opinion about whether digitals camera should be included in the same category as camera phones.

Happy Monday

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