One Word Challenge: Bittersweet

Bittersweet Sunset

Bittersweet Sunset

Joseph's Coat Rose

Joseph’s Coat Rose bloomed today.

It is a bittersweet that my rose is blooming now. Undoubtably because of warm dry weather. The draught. It is too soon. By May they will all be gone and what will the May Queen wear in her hair?

One word challenge Bittersweet


Nurturing Thursday: Choose As You May

A Pint of Roses

A Pint of Roses

The spirit know not the difference
A cup of milk
A stem of roses
What might be your preference
You are the one that chooses
How you are nurtured
From day-to-day
Moment to moment.

While I was layer up small gifts, cards and flowers were just as important for healing as the medicine and scrambled eggs.

Nurturing Thursday

Nurturing Thursday: Zesty Lady!



Zesty Lady may be the name of this rose.

Who knows? She came with the house.

She shows up every spring

and sticks around till fall.

She’s the color of sunset,

the size of a dinner plate,

wears the scent of a kiss.

She’s a good hostess,

you feel welcomed in her presence.

You long to wear her in your hair,

take a bite out of her,

inhale her

You want to be her,

The Zesty Lady in the garden.

Carol Carlisle  3/27/14

Happy Nurturing Thursday! Hope your week is going well.