Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Challenger’s Choice Architecture

How Do I Photograph An Office Building the Size and Scope of a Cathedral
The Rincon Center







Since my daughter works at this building I come here once in a while and I always become breathlessly overwhelmed by how to capture what it is like to be in this space. I take a few pictures and stop. Fortunately the last time I was there it was mid afternoon on a Friday when it was empty of people and the light just right. I have yet to capture the amazing and strange 4 story indoor waterfall to my satisfaction, but here it is anyway to complete the tour.

4-Puddle in the middle

4-Puddle in the middle


Let me know if you feel like you have had a virtual tour?

For Lens and Pens

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Geometric Black and White Challenge Goes Out Out Of This World

Marble floor or space craft landing stip?

Marble floor or space craft landing stip?

The Mother Ship?

The Mother Ship?

The Old Post Office in San Francisco has been remodeled into a gorgeous modern office building that is
Out of This World!

My daughter works here, so every time I visit I try to capture a few images. There are many angles and contrasting eras in one space it takes my breath away so I only get a few at a visit. I will post more on Sally’s Monday Phoneography Challenges. These 2 fit today for Cee’s Black and White Geometric Shapes



Pillars of Awe and Wonder From the East Bay

Connecting Earth to Sky

Temple of the Wings

Temple of the Wings Berkeley

Florence Treadwell’s home and dance studio. Years ago, from where I live in Berkeley I could see this temple lit up at night from my window. The view itself was a religious experience.

Connecting Community to Beliefs

Old Berkeley UU Church

Old Berkeley UU Church

Reddwood Trunk as pilar of the church

Redwood Trunk as pillar of the church building

The Berkley Unitarians chose to leave their place on the University of California campus rather than sign the anti-Communist Loyalty Oath of the 1960’s. It is now a dance studio.

Connecting Community to Community 

Tori Gate

Torii Gate Oakland

Torii Gate: “A marker and a portal from the profane world of our modern civilization to a primeval sacred place where people feel awe and wonder of forces larger than their individual selves, also unity and identification with that.”

The large vermillion Torii gate, a gift from Oakland’s sister city Fukuoka, Japan, serves as a landmark for the entire Gardens of Lake Merritt.

I found in my achieves these images from around Berkeley and Oakland may they move you feel wonder and awe even for just one moment.

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