Four Girls Four Nationalities

Four Girl,s Four Nationalities: American, Taiwanese, Turkish, Japanese

Almost any street photo in San Francisco would be a study in diversity. This just happens to be my daughter (on the left) with students from the language school where she works. Our next-door neighbor counted 21 countries represented at the Thanksgiving they hosted.

Moss, Lichen, Fern and Grass Berkely Native Plant Garden

Moss, Lichen, Fern and Grass Berkeley Native Plant Garden

Everything and everyone mix together in the Bay Area. Any chance we get to share our different cultures is a chance to make a more peaceful world.

I am happy to share these photos for Lost In Translations’s Thursday Special Diversity.

Wonder Wednesday: A Four Stone Haiku

-four stones

-four stones

Let Us Mark The End Of This Most Dramatic Winter

On the last day of winter I offer this humble image from my garden of four mossy stones.    I hope they might inspire poems or stories after their long silent wait on the cold damp ground.

Does anyone remember that Wonder Wednesday is a prompt? I will give you an Image to wonder about and when you have written or found an image to respond with, post your own Wonder Wednesday and link it with me, then share in comments for all to see.

Here’s mine I think it is a haiku 17 syllables anyway.

four mossy stones stand

holding back the storms

while advancing green

Springs forth!

Carol Carlisle

Now Go Forth and Rock and Roll

Happy Wonder Wednesday!

ps: you may use my photo as long as I am credited