Tuesday Tryouts: Retro or Revolutionary?



What’s Back?

What once was revolting and
a rebellion, then became revolutionary
is now quite ordinary.

The solar system revolves on the back
of the tattooed lady in front of me
at a wedding ceremony.

The bride wears her mother’s dress
and big back combed hair for
a look that would be extraordinarily revolutionary in 1953.
Carol Carlisle


Retro wedding

Sunday, I spent most of the wedding trying to take a picture of the tattoo, knowing I would use it in a blog but not so soon. But Margo Rody gave us the challenge of There and Back Again..Does this work?




Weekly Photo Challenge: The Great Destination Wedding Adventure!

IMG_1922 - Version 2

Bridal Party by Carol Carlisle

 The Great Summer Wedding Adventure!

What could be a bigger ADVENTURE than getting married?  Well the wedding we attended this Summer was not only the beginning of a relationship adventure it was also an adventure getting to it for us and the Bride and her attendants.  The ceremony was on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In order for the bride to arrive un-seen she had to walk the long way around supposedly hidden by a cut out of a Tardis (The Time Machine Dr. Who flies around in). I happened to be the Mother of the Maid of Honor so I was in on the plan and captured the action! Here you see the bride, my daughter with my Husband coming up the rear caring the bouquets as they all wander through a meadow to the cliff side, where they would hide in the icy wind until the wedding began. We are still laughing about how Jim was the Flower Boy!
PS This the only good shot I got with my phone before the wedding photographer with the giant camera jumped into the scene and ruined the view. No prejudice here 😉

If that wasn’t enough ADVENTURE, this was my first big outing after hip replacement surgery! I was really proud of walking the 300 yards to the wedding on an uneven trail. So here’s a picture of the shows the shoes I wore:

My Violet Shoes They matched my dress

My Violet Shoes They matched my dress. No pics of me because I’m always the one taking them.

Weekly Photo Challenge Adventure What Adventures did You have?




Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Images From A Mid Summer Wedding ❤ ❤ ❤

the kiss

A  Kiss

I Captured A  Kiss as the bride and groom serenaded each other at the reception

Bridesmaid and friends

Bridesmaid and friends

A walk through Summer grasses Before the Wedding

A walk through Summer grasses Before the Wedding

The Bride is ostensibly hiding behind a Tardis so the groom won’t see her. Note the grass is brown this summer…

Weekly Photo Challenge Summer Lovin’  The assignment is to show something I love about Summer What’s not to love about a  Mid-Summer Wedding?

Weekly Photo Challenge Contrasts: A Frog, Bridesmaids, and A Bride



A Frog Tale

A dime sized frog showed up on a window sill of the cabin we were staying at over the weekend to attend a wedding. A couple of the bridesmaids were with us. These are not squeamish gals. We all crowded into the small bathroom, to admire this tiny being. I carried it out to join its brethren, then we went back to getting prettied up for the next day. There was talk of hair products and makeup as usual for such events. In the morning when I left my Italian conditioner in the shower I called out:
“The Giovanni is in the shower!”
one of the lovely bridesmaids called back:
Oh! Is that the name of the frog?”

Sometimes the Princess names the frog instead of kisses it, a much better outcome for a modern Fairy Tail don’t you think?

This all started out as post for Weekly photo challenge/contrasts/. Well here we have dark against light, soft against hard, and old against new story. Oh you might enjoy a few images of the girls.

The Bride and Her Dog Pip Lots of contrast here too.

The Bride and Her Dog Pip Lots of contrast here too.

Mia the bridesmaid who named the frog

Maya the bridesmaid who named the frog.

Mia and my daughter Jessie waiting to escort the bride on a windy day by the sea.

Maya and my daughter Jessie waiting to escort the bride on a windy day by the sea.

Which photo has the most contest too you?

The photo’s are inspired by Lens and Pens and the writing was under the influence of  Margo Rody‘s Tuesday Tryout





Weekly Photo Challenge: Kisses Five

How do I kiss thee?  Let me count the ways.

Weekly Photo Challenged me to post a kiss I couldn’t pick one so I chose 5.

The bride in white ruffles is from My Valentine’s Day Post.